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Startups have the ability to move quickly, make decision fast and fail often. This gives them a strategic advantage over the bigger size companies. It's important to find a partner that understands the inner spark of your company and can breathe in the oxygen needed to grow into a fire.

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Small and medium sized business ( SMBs )

You've built your name in the industry and went throughout some of the pitfalls of the entrepreneurship. The foundation is solid and your revenue streams are stable. Now it's time to nurture the growth in new markets or support the expansion abroad. Finding the right partner may be crutial to your future success.

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As an enterprise, rather than letting the agency to do the work for you, you need to get some expert help, where you are not being able to cover yourself. Whether it's adding a few developers to your existing teams, getting a UI / UX designer to help you design the new product interface, or get some marketing help to promote your products, we have experts available to join your team and deliver results from the day one.

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A little bit more about us and our culture

Work from the place that inspires you

Whether you work from home to be closer to your family, or you want to work from beach in south of France, it's all up to you. We believe remote working is the way to go into the future. Why should you spend time in traffic jams instead of doing what you love? 

For us, it gives us opportunity to hire the best talent, not just the best talent around us. And that's a number one priority for us. Because our people are the driving force behind our success story. And they can be behind yours as well.

Caring for the environment

We do care about the environment and our Mother Earth. Whether it's by supporting the environmental causes like 4Ocean, choosing cloud providers that run their data centers as carbon neutral or letting our employees work remotely to don't pollute our air in the cars or public transport.