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Technical support to the disruptors

Opposite to already established businesses from SMB or enterprise category, startups are already born digital. They have business models and strategies, built for the online world, they know how to market themselves and how to make sure their story is shared.

What they often need is an expertise in development, a reliable partner that will enable them to go to market with their planned MVP, or someone who will help them build their first prototype. 

Sometimes they need a guidance in the form of highly skilled consultant or on-demand CTO who will help them steer the already proven concept into successful enterprise. In both cases, we can provide individual plans for Startups to satisfy their needs.

The more you outsource, the less you have to manage

Technology matters

When we talk about startups and technology, we often imagine the newest, most cutting-edge technology options, that are going to revolutionize the industry. Although it may sound interesting and it will be definitely fun for the developers to explore these new, unexplored waters, this may not be a best option for a startup and can even harm the business heavily. 

Even though using the newest and most powerful framework or library may seem as a good idea, these decisions often backfire when you are trying to hire developers experienced with your technology stack, in the financial aspect of hiring for technology that is not yet widely spread, or in missing community that could help you solve your technical problems.

For this reason, even though we can provide solutions in many technological ways and are always here to assist you with your tech stack, we decided to focus on few main technologies that we believe are beneficial to our clients, especially in the startup sector.

We have chosen technologies that are proven, open source and have a thriving community of developers. That assures they will be maintainable, scalable and it will be possible to find developers in the future for a reasonable price.

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Create and execute your data strategy

Data are currently the most valuable commodity. Especially if you know how to use them. With data, we can improve our existing products, increase sales, grow into markets or get valuable insights.


How to collect, store, analyse and use data should be part of your data strategy.

Innovation creates value

Innovation is the key driver of growth in the current economy. It changes the way we live our lives, how we work or spend our free time. Businesses that can disturb their industries get the competitive advantage that can be very hard to defeat.