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Digital transformation has been for years going around small and medium sized businesses, as it was expensive and therefor available only for bigger or very profitable companies.

The growth of cloud platforms and SaaS services allows SMB sector to better utilize the newest innovations on the market, but the full transformation is still the domain of big enterprises or startups that are build with the focus on digital technologies in the first place.

We believe it's critical to bring these possibilities and new ways of thinking in the SMB sector, as in many countries, these small, family run businesses are the most important part of the economy.

What can we offer

Enterprise Content Management

Customers want to be educated before they make buying decisions. With our enterprise CMS solutions you can get your content closer to the customers, in their language and SEO optimized. We use trusted and well-known open source solution TYPO3, that powers websites for companies like Mercedes Benz, Airbus or Henkel.

E-commerce solutions

Planning to move your business online, or you want to professionalize your existing e-commerce solution? We are using Aimeos, that can be integrated into your existing CMS, ERP or CRM system with ease, while handling up to 1 bilion of products and still run blazingly fast.

Mobile application development

Mobile apps are every year, more and more popular, as they can hold the user attention with their notification services, provide better, mobile native experience and allow convenient use of different services. From banking trough online shopping till the education, everything can be handled using mobile applications. We use hybrid technologies like React Native and Flutter to deliver a native experience to your customers. They power Facebook and Google applications, and they can power yours as well.

Digital transformation consulting

Whether you have your plans in mind and need help with the preparation, execution and management, or you need to bring in someone with experience to help you during the brainstorming phase, we are here for you. It's not always clear how to prepare your businesses for a digital world, so having someone with experience who can help you with the strategy will pay off big time.

Do you have questions?

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Create and execute your data strategy

Data are currently the most valuable commodity. Especially if you know how to use them. With data, we can improve our existing products, increase sales, grow into markets or get valuable insights.


How to collect, store, analyse and use data should be part of your data strategy.

Innovation creates value

Innovation is the key driver of growth in the current economy. It changes the way we live our lives, how we work or spend our free time. Businesses that can disturb their industries get the competitive advantage that can be very hard to defeat.